Free Your Soul’s Voice

Next Program: 12 weeks starting late January, 2024

I dream of a world where women’s voices are powerful, articulate, and in-tune with their inner landscape. I want to see confident people speak with their WHOLE selves, able to manage their inner critic, and have true enjoyment from sharing their voices and their expertise.

In this 12-week experience, we work together weekly in a small group format, with additional 1:1 training so you can grow and feel confident with your voice in your body, shared with your audience.

Blending together my training as an opera singer, Karate sensei, and multi-dimensional healer, over 12 weeks I take you through a process to tune you in more fully with your body, all the voices in your head, and your voice as the fullest expression of your soul’s self.

Whether you are building confidence for better speaking, wanting to build your business with a brighter presence, or want to love your voice more, this is the experience for you.

Ready for Voice Activation?

Channeled Message Session

Do you have questions about a certain aspect of your life that you just can’t seem to find the answers or guidance for?

In this 30 Minute Session (online) together I’ll connect you with your soul’s voice, bringing forward guidance that you have been seeking, but just hasn’t been clear.

I tune into Source, and then together we’ll uncover some of the themes that might be playing out in your life, so you can better understand how to take the next step.

Sessions are $99 CAD plus 5% GST ($104) until December 31, 2023 – Book anytime in the next 3 months.

After January 1, 2024, 30-Minute sessions are $111 plus 5% GST. 

60-Minute Sessions are available, please connect with me to arrange. 

Meet Your Soul’s Voice

This is offered as one to one support over a series of sessions.

We are all intuitive. We all have wisdom and access to a powerful inner compass.

But there’s so much noise in the world that it can be really difficult to hear that inner voice inside. Noise from the news. Noise from the city. Noise from the worries about the world (job, relationship, money and more). The demands that modern life make of women are draining and, over time, pile up until women feel like they’re smothered under a pile of heavy weighted blankets.

How can someone possibly hear their inner guidance (or even know that it’s there) when there’s so much to DO and take care of!!??

Here’s the thing. All the doing and worrying are symptoms of a larger system that has conditioned women from birth to ignore their wise voice inside and wave shiny things until they hardly recognize their intuition when it does support them.

I’m here to show you a different way of tuning in. Of receiving the wisdom that is an intrinsic part of you so you can use it to guide your decisions in life. I call it the IVOS Method – Inner Voice Outer Success.

In the IVOS Method, you’ll tune out the noise and tune into your soul. Your Inner Voice. Your wise guide inside. There are many ways to meet her. And there is discernment in choosing how you listen. But the wisdom inside you is looking to be recognized and implemented here, in this lifetime.

You see, we are all intuitive. We all have that wise inner voice that wants to show us the next step to take, outside of the noise and distractions of modern life.

So, are you ready to meet your inner voice, in all her beauty, purpose, and expansion?

Book a Curiosity Call now and let’s talk about the best path to meeting your soul’s voice today. Together we can custom tailor a solution perfect for you.