Image courtesy of Meredith Rose Photography

Reiki & Sound Healing

Single Sessions

I have a beautiful and peaceful studio space in the Fernwood neighborhood of Victoria, BC.

Sessions are 90 minutes from start to finish and include a pre-appointment chat and assessment and post session review.

Sound healing and Reiki, individually potent practices, unite to amplify their healing potential.

Sound healing deploys vibrations to ease stress, harmonize energy, and catalyze natural healing.

Meanwhile, Reiki, channels universal energy, balances and revitalizes the body. Together, they offer profound benefits.

As Reiki clears energy blockages, and sound vibrations further unblock, accelerating the restoration of energetic harmony.

Both practices are effective stress reducers, offering a holistic remedy for the anxieties of modern life.

By combining these two approaches, we can tap into emotional healing by creating a safe space for the processing of suppressed emotions.