Vulnerable and Confident?

These two words and concepts often seem at odds. At first glance, these two words appear to be complete opposites.

Confidence is a full, bright energy, one that permeates a room and brings you with it on a journey. Confidence is trustworthy and safe. Confidence shows you your potential, how to access it and live the life you want.

Vulnerability seems less flashy, smaller (some might say weaker), at first glance – but if you know anything about the writing and talks of Brene Brown… Vulnerability is powerful.

Vulnerability draws others towards you. It also brings you along on a journey. Sometimes you don’t really want to go on that journey. It shines light on places that you may wish to remain in the dark, because it’s easier and safer that way.


Confidence can be a partner with vulnerability. You can be both at the same time.

By showing your vulnerability, you are showing a certain confidence of self. That is important.

We need more than ever to see our vulnerable bits. The things that aren’t perfect, the plans that don’t always work, the hurt, the pain, the sorrow, even the love, the joy, and the excitement.

And by being vulnerable, you are confident in your abilities and message to go beyond the screen, beyond your voice, and more.

How can they co-exist?

Be you. Be honest. Be imperfect. Show that vulnerable side. Be human and connect with others.

Then step into that vulnerability with confidence. It is part courage, but part ‘KNOWING’. You have a knowing that you must share something.



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