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This document sets out the Terms and Conditions you need to be aware of when using this website. Please take a moment to read them, as they set out your important rights and obligations while you use the site. I care about making sure we both know where we stand. When you visit this website, use my services or purchase my products you agree that you are over the age of 13 and willing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or purchase from me.


My Rights and Responsibilities

The information and resources shared on this site are for informational purposes only. It is generalized guidance and not intended to be specific advice. Testimonials and other promised results are no guarantees of your own results should you decide to implement the information contained herein. The information and content on my website may be modified at any time, including altering or deleting it without notice.

Visitor Responsibilities

The information provided on this site is for personal and non-commercial use only. You are responsible for your own safety and well-being at all times. The site and content creator cannot be held responsible for any unexpected results that arise from using and implementing the information contained on the site.


While I take every care to ensure that the material available for download from this site is safe and trouble-free, you use the internet at your own risk. Please make sure that you have adequate and up-to-date internet security and protect yourself against malicious interference. If you have any difficulty with the download, please contact me.

External Links

From time to time, I provide external links to resources that I think you might find helpful. However, I am not responsible for the content of these externally linked sites. If something doesn’t look right, please let me know.

Third Party and Affiliate Advertisements

I am sometimes involved with third party and affiliate advertising for programs and content that I feel may be helpful for you. I am not responsible for the content of any advertisements or affiliate content that are displayed on the site. I have no part in or responsibility for any transaction entered into between you and the advertiser/affiliate business.

Specific Courses or Products

Anyone who purchases any product from this site, including: 1:1 coaching, small group coaching, audio or video recordings, retreats, online programs, and/or future online products or offerings takes sole responsibility for the outcome of purchasing these products. I cannot be held responsible for unexpected (or no) results, based on the purchase of these products. It is up to you to show up, do the work on a consistent basis, and deliver feedback in order to see results.


What We Collect

When you sign up for an appointment or contact me using a form on this website, I collect your name and your email address in accordance with the Canadian Privacy Act and my Privacy Policy. Web servers on which this site is hosted automatically collect the IP Address of visitors to this site. Digital markers such as cookies may also be stored on your computer so that the web server can more easily recall the site visits. For more detailed information on the collection and handling of personal information, please see my Privacy Policy.



The content of this website is protected by copyright. No portion of this website may be copied or replicated in any form without the written consent of the website owner. You may use or reference this information for personal, non-commercial use. Content may not be sold or copied without express written permission from Jen Lang. Content may be shared freely on Social Media channels so long as you link back to this site and credit me.


Forms of Payment

Payment may be made in the form of credit card, PayPal, Stripe, bank deposit, e-transfer, or cash. 

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available upon request for all 1:1 and Group Coaching, and Online Courses or Programs or products over $250 USD. Payment is due 24 hours in advance of the first coaching session unless by prior arrangement.

Payment plans are offered solely to assist you in making this investment in your personal and professional growth, so you can spread your payment out over time. You are still committed to paying the whole amount, even if you change your mind about completing the training or program, as you have had access to my intellectual property and access to the communities that I hold space in to support your growth. Holding you to your payment plan also ensures you stay committed to working towards your goals and desires, even when things get tough.

As a result, it is essential that you ensure that you are ready for this work before you sign up. It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient funds to make payment instalments on time. If a payment is overdue we will send a reminder. If there is no communication from you and you have received three reminders, your access to the content will be suspended until your payments are up to date. If you’re prevented from participating due to circumstances beyond your control, please reach out to hello@jenlang.com so we can discuss your needs.



In the odd event where you receive a physical object via shipping, I will ask for your address in order to send you the product. If there is a problem with shipping an item and you do not receive it, please contact me directly to sort it out. If the item is something you have purchased and it is lost or damaged (as per shipper’s records), normal channels for recovery/compensation will be used with the shipper. If no resolution can be found within a reasonable period of time (less than 90 days), a replacement of similar value will be delivered to you at no cost to you.


Delivery of online programs and content is through a number of channels that may include Skype, Zoom, Thinkific, Facebook, and through my website and related programs. If you make an appointment with me through my scheduling service, you will receive a link to join an online meeting using an online meeting tool like zoom or skype. You will receive basic instructions on how to use and install this tool when you book/confirm a meeting.

In the event that an online tool does not function, I will try to call you, which is why I request your phone number when you book an appointment.

To get the best out of your appointment and our time together, please make sure you can speak somewhere quiet with minimal distractions.

Appointment and Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel or change a booked appointment, this must happen at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time. An email notification from my scheduling software will be sent to you 48 hours in advance of your appointment. There is a booking adjustment/cancellation link inside the confirmation email. If you do not show up for a booked appointment, you may re-book at my discretion. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, re-booking is at my discretion.


The Returns Policy below applies to 1:1 Coaching and Small Group Coaching products and services.

Change of Mind

If you have paid for a service or series and the first session has not yet taken place, and you change your mind about your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund only after you have met with me and discussed concerns and attempted to negotiate a win-win situation for both parties.

Minor Problem

A minor problem may be classified as a pdf or electronic item being unable to be accessed or downloaded. A minor problem may also be an expired link, the internet cutting out half-way through a call, or similar technological glitch. In the event of such a glitch, we will discuss best solutions – sometimes it may involve re-scheduling the call or meeting, or it may involve fixing the technological issues within a reasonable period of time.

A minor problem may also include illness, family emergency, or similar, that requires re-scheduling a meeting. In the event of a minor problem, I will provide a solution or possibility to re-schedule within 7 calendar days of the date of the original problem.

Major Problem

If you feel there is a major problem with my services that can’t be easily fixed, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact me at hello@jenlang.com to discuss solutions within 7 days of discovering/realizing the problem.
  2. You will be provided with a form or a questionnaire to complete stating the major problem, and some proposed solutions.
  3. I or a team member will reach out to you to discuss solutions and/or in the event of an impasse, details for a possible refund.

A problem with a purchase is defined and protected for both parties under Consumer Protection Law in Canada and in the Province of British Columbia.
Please visit https://www.consumerprotectionbc.ca, as well as https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/office-consumer-affairs/en for the most up to date information on your rights as a consumer with a Canadian business.

Limitation of Liability

I want our relationship to be fair, and for me to take responsibility for my actions, just as I ask you to take responsibility for yours. As a result, any indemnities or liability outlined below will be reduced proportionately to the extent the liability was caused by my negligence.

While I make all reasonable efforts to ensure that my services meet with the highest standards of best practice, if something does go wrong that is not a direct result of my negligence or deliberate fault, you agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, I will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of my services, irrespective of whether such damages were foreseeable, and regardless of the nature of the claim.

You take full responsibility for your implementation of any suggestions that I may make while providing my services. You understand that my guidance is limited to providing you with options for your consideration, and that you are solely responsible for any actions that you choose to take. Always consult your own values and vision, do your own research, and check with appropriately qualified professionals before making major decisions. You agree to indemnify me against all consequences arising directly or indirectly from your choices.

If this clause is unenforceable for any reason, my total cumulative liability for all causes of action of any kind, other than negligence or deliberate wrongdoing, shall not exceed the amount that you have paid to me for my services.

No Guarantee of Results

Coaching results are not guaranteed, although I will work with you to help your progress towards the goals you have communicated to me within the scope of our coaching time together. The results that you may achieve are dependent on a wide range of factors that are unique to you, which are beyond my knowledge and control. This includes your personal circumstances, the amount of effort you put in between client sessions, unexpected life events, natural disasters or other world events.

Cancellation of Service

You have the right to cancel a contract for services or supply at any time and for any reason. Cancellation must be received in writing at least 48 hours in advance of your next appointment. Refunds are assessed based on the amount of coaching provided under the contract between you and me. You are not entitled to consideration of a full refund unless delivery of services has not yet commenced. Refunds will be calculated based on the percentage of service provided, subject to a $150 USD refund processing fee.


Respectful Communication

Communication should be engaging, respectful, curious, and compassionate to your fellow human. Comments on blogs, social media profiles, and interactions on this site should be respectful at all times. Any spam, comments of a malicious nature, harassment, or comments that discriminate against people, religion, sexual orientation, skin colour, etc. will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately and the user will be blocked from the site.

Responsible Engagement

If you are a member or subscriber to a course or program, the same guidelines for respectful communication apply. Be kind, be compassionate to your fellow human, and engage in discussion/discourse that respects the opinion of your fellow human. Harassment and abusive language will not be tolerated, and you will be removed from the member area/community if repetitive abusive language occurs. Removals are at my sole discretion.

Third Party Content

Affiliate and 3rd party content may occasionally appear on this site. Any guest blogs and 3rd party content represent the opinion of that party, and not necessarily Jen Lang. If you have any questions about 3rd party content, please reach out to us!

Agreements and Precedence

These terms and conditions apply to all services purchased or provided, unless there is a Client Coaching Agreement in place, in which case the Client Coaching Agreement will take precedence.


This agreement, Terms & Conditions applies within the jurisdiction of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. In the event of any dispute the governing law of Canada will apply. These Terms & Conditions were last updated in September 2023.


These website Terms & Conditions were crafted with the support and input of Michelle Whitehead d.b.a. Carefree Counsel through The Serenity Connective Community. Instead of copying these directly, please check out her work and her DIY Packs at https://www.carefreecounsel.com