BREATHE signature 7-Week Training Program

You are here because you are ready to be BRAVE! You want to step out on stage and do public speaking, but, all kinds of stuff is holding you back.

The BRAVE challenge is always available – you can do it at your own pace, or, twice a year, it is run live – you can repeat it, do it again – whatever you wish!

We explore a different theme each day that is integral to clear and beautiful communication bravery.

As with any building work like this, it’s best to do a little each day, rather than all 5 in one day. You’ll be overwhelmed and the material will not serve you.

Each tutorial has includes questions mean to stimulate your thoughts around brave actions. It is through these reflections we gain insight into our bravest selves.

This is your invitation to bravery – join the BRAVE 5-Day Challenge today!


10 Tips for Speaking with Confidence: PDF Download

Video Confidence Training Webinar (free): Co-hosted with the lovely Emma Veiga-Malta

Watch Emma Veiga-Malta and I discuss top video-making tips and tricks, from how to set up your space, to how to sound confident and excited.

I share ways to become more confident with your public speaking for video, including:

  • how to set up your space
  • how to prepare yourself mentally
  • how to prepare yourself physically

So you can sound like the expert you are!

Watch now!

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