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I help women in business become compelling and confident speakers so they can connect with and grow their community.


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Public Speaking

Public speaking training is the difference between a 5-10% retention rate and a 65-75% retention rate.

You want to grab them by the heart and ensure they remember you for all the right reasons.

HOW you deliver what you have to say is just as important as WHAT you have to say.

As a public speaker, if you deliver your messages without emotion, without a sense of timing, without bonding with your audience, they won’t even try to recall your name when you’re done.

Where to Start

Elevator Pitch Assessment

Find out if your pitch puts them to sleep or moves them to want to know more in this 20-minute assessment. Remember, if your elevator pitch is off, you could be losing tons of opportunities.

Elevator Pitch-Perfect Online Workshop (monthly)

Group Voice coaching in a focused high-touch online course that will help you put your best voice forward for your events, workshops, webinars, and more.

Ready to Speak in Six Weeks

This comprehensive and unique training will help you leap the hurdles that most people plow through (audience watching and all!) during their webinars and YouTube presentations.

VIP 1:1 Coaching

Six Weeks of 1:1 VIP coaching and you will be ready for your next speaking event (on stage or online) TEDTalk. Your audience will be drawn in, held captive, and longing to know more.

My Blog

Finding Joy in Public Speaking

Finding Joy in Public Speaking

Finding Joy in Public Speaking  How to infuse joy into your speaking experience   Have you been watching Marie Kondo and her new Netflix series “Tidying Up”? I’ve been enjoying it a lot and have been getting lots of inspiration for my living space and personal...

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Is your Elevator Pitch Snappy?

Is your Elevator Pitch Snappy? Ready to Go? Does it matter?   How’s your Elevator Pitch? Fresh? Tired? Needs some love? Do you even HAVE an elevator pitch? It doesn’t matter if you’re in business for yourself, or for others – you need to have a simple statement...

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Ten Tips to Nail your Next Speech or Presentation

Ten Tips to Nail your Next Speech or Presentation

Ten Tips to Nail your Next Speech or Presentation You have an upcoming speech or presentation and you're feeling unprepared, nervous, or perhaps so overwhelmed that you're not sure where to start. Public speaking, whether it's a presentation, leading a workshop, or...

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About Me

Movement. Breath. Connection.

They are all components that have to be mastered whether you want to increase your client base or take over a stage.

They are all components that, as your public speaking trainer, I will teach you.

Learn to stand with presence. Master getting them to keep their eyes on you. Your public speaking training will help you attract more clients by gaining their trust and reinforcing your credibility.

I’m Jen Lang, your public speaking coach. And you are about to change the fate of your business.


Get your audience to remember who you are for all the right reasons.

Book your free Discovery Call to see where your speaking zone of genius is and what they want to hear from you so you can use public speaking to grow your business.