“I have to recommend all of you to experience this truly magical healing session. Words can’t express the experience enough to do it justice, but I felt weightless and connected to the most beautiful source energy.”

Larissa M.


Game Changer.

“Having Jen share her beautiful sound with us is truly a game changer when it comes to offering a yoga class. Often as the teacher, you don’t get the time to enjoy stillness the way a student does, and with Jen performing during Savasana I had nothing else I could possibly do but to lie down and surrender. I wish I could have her every day!”

Kyla G.




“What a delight and honor to have Jen bless us with her singing bowls. Thank you so much Jen, for bathing us in your healing voice and energy. There is nothing like experiencing Savasana with the vibrations you create.”

Tami W.

Images courtesy of Meredith Rose Photography

“Jen, you have a beautiful and lovely way of working with me. I feel good talking to you and now feel calmer, more grounded and more connected.

During my Channeled Wisdom session with Jen – it felt very comfortable and personal. I highly recommend it and I will definitely be booking an appointment again soon.”

Cindy W.

“My Channeled Wisdom session with, Jen was insightful and felt like I was talking to a friend, but with the bonus of being able to sit and be present with a specific question, instead of rushing on to the next topic. The message I received was meaningful and helped bring clarity to me.

Working with Jen over zoom felt as if she was sitting across from me at the table.”

Thanks Jen!

Shauna M.

“I love working with Jen because she provides a loving, non-judgmental space for me to express the situation and ask the questions I need. She listens to me and is the true conduit for Source Wisdom, without it being affected by her own stories. It’s clear that Jen has done the work to be a clear channel for information from Source that is loving, wise, and honest.”

Christy R.

“Before my Channeled Wisdom session with Jen, I was feeling so unsure about staying true to my path, and now I feel really guided. I don’t have a roadmap, but I feel I have new direction.

I really loved that it was an immersive and collaborative process! It wasn’t just ‘a message’ – there was conversation back and forth to get further details.”

Kelsey N.

“The Channeled Wisdom session with Jen was amazing. Jen helped me feel really comfortable, confident and at ease. How she explained everything was so descriptive – I can envision it, feel it, and touch it!

I loved the freedom and flow of the session with the option to use cards, pendulum, or channeled wisdom. Jen was able to address my two main inquiries around career and relationship and give me insight into some upcoming plans. I’m so excited for what is next!”

Christine B.

“This session was awesome! I loved that it was a very different way for getting clarity. It really felt like I was hearing what I needed to hear, but in a different voice. It was so powerful for me.”

Lisa D.

“My Channeled Wisdom session with Jen was insightful and felt like talking to a friend, but with the bonus of being able to sit and be present with a specific question, instead of rushing on to the next topic.”

Sharon K.