I offer two ways to work with me in a group setting.

1. BREATHE signature 7-Week Training Program

  • Group start dates twice a year, in April and October
  • Live calls and support structure with a private Facebook Group

After 7 Weeks of BREATHE Voice & Communications Training, you’ll feel confident enough in your voice and communication style to create your first video, start a podcast, sing to the rooftops, and more!

In 7 sessions we cover practical strategies and exercises to develop your voice, your communication style, and your confidence so you can speak and perform with assurance.

Start today by joining here.

This is a budget-friendly way to get to know your own voice, your body, and learn my communication secrets that will lead you to your finest clients.

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2. Mastermind Group: Limited to maximum of 4 participants

Join us for bi-weekly group calls. The first “Your Vivid Voice Mastermind” will begin in early May 2017. Applicants are vetted for match and suitability.

Every two weeks, we will meet to discuss an aspect of communication and using your voice, overseen by 3 guiding themes of Physical Voice, Mental Voice, and Public Voice.

Join for just $150 CAD/month or pay $400 up-front for the full three months.


10 Tips for Speaking with Confidence: PDF Download