My Creative Care package is where you receive guidance and inspiration to explore and use creativity on a daily basis.

By building creativity into your life and learning to release negative judgement around your creative activities, you will be refreshed and be able to implement creative practices in ALL parts of your life.

This 12-week Creative Care Coaching package is designed to care for and explore your creative self.

You know, that one in high school that was squashed by the woodwork teacher (it happened to me), or the self that is so busy taking care of others’ needs, you have no energy or time left to explore being creative.

Or that self who is so envious of others’ creations you can’t possibly be talented enough to be a writer.

Be supported, encouraged, and inspired to explore your creative self through a variety of ways, writing, colouring, word-play, singing, acting, or story-telling.

By the time our work together is done you will be a more confident communicator, whether it is your podcast, your next presentation, or next social media video post. You won’t lose your voice any more, you’ll have several different methods for dealing with nerves and breath control, and your newfound confidence will be present in all your interactions!

After a career as an opera singer, vocal instructor, as well as a communications and marketing team leader, it’s reasonable to say I am well versed in how to use our voice and how to communicate.

I can get the BEST of your voice and your message. In as few as seven sessions I’m able to drill down to the core of your voice and communication needs, build up you and your voice, and help you hone your messaging.

Whether it’s speaking, singing, or podcasting, I’ve been able to help all my clients build confidence, gain knowledge, and learn simple voice and breath exercises to use their voice every day.


In 90-minutes we can dig into what is holding you back from growing and sharing your voice. Voice work can be deep work and I want to give you time and attention so you experience results.

Your investment, $57 for your first 90-minute consult. You are amazing!

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