BREATHE 7-Week Voice & Communications Training is running in early 2017!

This program covers in 7 Video Modules key concepts and proven methods to train your voice, your breath, and your brain so you will feel more confident when you have to deliver content, whether it’s live, video, or podcast.

The video program is delivered using the Thinkific Platform (which I LOVE). Modules are spread out over 7 weeks so that you have time and space to practice the techniques.

I have an inner-circle option that is an add-on to the video course, where you receive 1:1 coaching to support the content and exercises in the modules.

You will connect your voice with your body and your message.

This is KEY in communicating what you are saying.

Words are words are words, but when there is meaning and intention behind them, they are part of you that you share with others.

Not ready to take the training? Reach out at for your own exploration session to see how we can work together to get your voice and communication style in alignment with your inner self.

When you work with me you get access to my enormous toolbox of voice training and communication techniques honed from my Master’s degree in Voice Performance, years of teaching and performing singing, working in communications, and a bonus of over 20 years of yoga and martial arts practice.

I work with you and your voice and message from a body-centered perspective. You will feel initial discomfort turn into ease and excitement as you attain a closer connection to your breath, explore the many sounds your voice can make, and develop a new ear for your own communication style.

Still not sure? Just email me at to ask me any questions about the training! I’d love to hear from you :).

FREE 7-Day Confident Creative Communication (3C) Challenge – 

If you missed taking part this round, sign up here for the next FREE offering so you, too, can create beautiful videos, speak clearly, and lose the pre-recording jitters. Next time, join a group of brave entrepreneurs who want to take the leap, create video content, record a podcast, or accept well-paid speaking gigs.

After completing the free 7-Day 3C Challenge you will be able to:

  • Manage your speaking nerves
  • Sound confident and knowledgeable,
  • Bring clarity to your business,

Simply by exploring your own voice.

Sign up by clicking the “I Want In” Button below to find out about the next round.

I may ask you to lay on the floor and breathe as practice. Or I may ask you to pretend you are shouting at a friend across the street to get their attention.

As an inspired, creative, communicator who has coached singers, speakers, and podcasters, I work with entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Lose the stage fright when the camera (or recorder is rolling).
  • Increase their visibility online by creating compelling content in video and podcast formats.
  • Learn how to use their voices effectively without running out of breath or sounding hoarse.
  • Find the truth in their message (communicate the heart of your business).
  • Watch themselves on camera or hear a recording of an interview they gave and think “Wow, I really know what I’m talking about!”


In 90-minutes we can dig into what is holding you back from growing and sharing your creative voice. Voice work can be deep work and I want to give you time and attention so you experience results.

Your investment, $75 for your first 90-minute consult. You are amazing!

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