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Finding Joy in Public Speaking

Finding Joy in Public Speaking  How to infuse joy into your speaking experience   Have you been watching Marie Kondo and her new Netflix series “Tidying Up”? I’ve been enjoying it a lot and have been getting lots of inspiration for my living space and personal...

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Is your Elevator Pitch Snappy?

Is your Elevator Pitch Snappy? Ready to Go? Does it matter?   How’s your Elevator Pitch? Fresh? Tired? Needs some love? Do you even HAVE an elevator pitch? It doesn’t matter if you’re in business for yourself, or for others – you need to have a simple statement...

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Ten Tips to Nail your Next Speech or Presentation

Ten Tips to Nail your Next Speech or Presentation You have an upcoming speech or presentation and you're feeling unprepared, nervous, or perhaps so overwhelmed that you're not sure where to start. Public speaking, whether it's a presentation, leading a workshop, or...

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Bring your True Self

Bringing your True Self to the Room - every time you speak This week's #innerjenius is one that seems easy when we read the words, but isn't always easy to carry out, in practice. What does this mean, exactly? Don't we always show up with 'our true self'? Well... no....

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Centre Before you Speak

Centre Before you Speak: How to find your peace before you open your mouth The audience is waiting expectantly while you stand there, for what seems like an eternity, before you open your mouth and nothing comes out. Your heart is pounding, your legs are shaking, and...

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How to Choose Your Own Power Words

Power Words are just that - Powerful What are Power Words? Power Words are words that can be general or specific, but they have meaning or motivate you to look deeper in some way. These words can be meaningful and inspirational to you, and I encourage you to begin to...

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