Hi, I’m Jen

I work with women who envision a better world for themselves – one with time, space, and energy to commit to a spiritual practice that honours themselves, and the earth. One that does no harm to others and is rooted in personalized, loving experience, rather than borrowing or co-opting spiritual tools from cultures other than your own.

As a voice coach for your soul, I guide you to discover, incorporate and embody a different way of moving through the world. One where you stand tall and speak with inner peace and confidence. One where you connect with your soul’s voice, inviting her to grow and live more fully with you.

When we work together, you find the peace inside that you so deeply wish was with you all the time. You’ll feel calmer, more grounded, and more connected with your inner voice. That voice that guides you inside in such a beautiful way.

I do my work in Victoria, BC, the traditional and unceded lands of the The Lək̓ʷəŋən (Lekwungen) and W̱sáneć (Saanich:W̱SÁNEĆ) peoples, part of the larger language group of Coast Salish People.

I acknowledge the stewardship and care of the land that they have provided over thousands of years and I’m grateful to be able to live, work and play here.


My journey to beginning to unpack these systems has included living in other countries, adapting to major changes in relationship and career status, and training in diverse areas of expertise to gain a broad range of skills and tools to support my community.

I’ve studied music (Masters in Voice), Art History, Herbs, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Martial Arts. I’ve had a drive to succeed that has seen me want to become a master at ALL The things, so I can stand here and feel confident in my work.

It took me a while to realize that my drive for expertise was feeding into these systems I wanted to overcome.

Things didn’t really shift until I started doing the inside work.

Until I really, truly connected with myself and saw that that drive to succeed was for OUTER success, and until I connected it to my INNER voice, that success would remain elusive.

And so yes, I’m a healer. And yes, I’m an intuitive channel, and yes, I’m a Sensei and a singer. But all these areas of expertise give me such a beautiful range of experience through which I can hear the voice of your soul and guide you to tune into it, too.

If you want me to tune into and listen to your soul, too, then let’s connect.


As a voice coach for your soul, I am here to connect you more fully with your voice, your body, and your soul.