Are you mumbling when you speak?

How do YOU know? 


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A short blog for you today – this grew out of a FB Live I viewed a few years ago, when I noticed that so many people were creating video, yet speaking as if they were having a conversation with their best friend, instead of speaking clearly to a global audience.

Not to burst your bubble, but when you do a Facebook Live on your Biz page, you are speaking to a global audience! And yes, some coaches do recommend you do a FB live as if you are speaking to a friend (to make it easier for you). 

But that is a disservice to you and your message. Because your audience is NOT your friend (yet).


Your audience needs to understand what you’re saying. If you’re mumbling, saying ‘ummmm’ or ‘errrmmmm’ a lot, or speaking too quickly, then they will tune out or move on.

So – how do you know if you’re mumbling?

We all have an accent. When we speak with our friends or family, we slip into a speech pattern that is full of local colour and flavour.

When you speak with your audience, your local colour and flavour can still be there, however each word needs to be more crisp, and you should allow a bit more space and breathing room between words and sentences. 

I have an easy way to help you find this!

First – pay attention to consonants, especially final consonants. Pronounce them fully. This may feel a little weird at first, but by practicing, your muscles and ears will be get used to it!


Second – Allow more space to breathe after important points or sentences. This pacing allows your audience to understand and digest your words more clearly. 


Third – think of your words and word energy as moving out and away from your body – almost like a big arc, starting from your belly, moving up to your mouth, and out. Send your words to the back of the room (this is also known as ‘projection’).


And that’s it! 

Try each of these points and let me know how you go. And if you REALLY want to know if you’re mumbling or not, drop me a line and set up a 30-minute chat. I’ll be kind. And honest. Book here and banish the mumbling forever!


Jen Lang, Your Voice and Communications Coach

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