Bringing your True Self to the Room – every time you speak

This week’s #innerjenius is one that seems easy when we read the words, but isn’t always easy to carry out, in practice.

What does this mean, exactly? Don’t we always show up with ‘our true self’?

Well… no. Part of our survival tactics include bringing an ‘image’ or a ‘best self’ to the public. Think of what you post on social media…. we post things that make us look good to the public, sometimes ignoring or otherwise deflecting what’s really going on.

What to believe? What to do?

These little moments, these little approaches, show your audience that you are paying attention.

I’m not advocating that you share your latest grumpy rant about xyz (although that can be wonderfully cathartic) – but how about sharing something a bit more human sometimes?

Especially when we are on stage, or speaking, or leading a workshop, we feel we have to appear SUPERHUMAN because we have this responsibility to our audience.

But, in all honesty – sometimes people want to see the human side of you. The wrong turn you took on the way there, that ended up taking you on a detour of a more colourful part of town. Or the fact you forgot your favourite shoes at home, so, guess what? You had to go shopping and find a fabulous new pair?

This is a fine line to walk, as you also want to keep your audience engaged and not appear as if you’re complaining about something. Then, you will have lost them.

So – think about a few stories that support your own, best, truest self. Keep those in your back pocket and start to work them into your presentations or speeches.

These little moments, these little approaches, show your audience that you are paying attention and that you want to connect on a more human level.

In the end, isn’t that what we all want?


Hi, I’m Jen Lang

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