Power Words are just that – Powerful

What are Power Words?

Power Words are words that can be general or specific, but they have meaning or motivate you to look deeper in some way. These words can be meaningful and inspirational to you, and I encourage you to begin to using them in your own content and journaling.

  • Maybe you have a few power words already?
  • Maybe you have no idea how to choose your own?
  • And maybe you don’t even know how to use power words effectively?

Regardless,  I’ve come up with a fairly simple way for you to choose your own power words so you can start to play with them!

This method builds on an outline I included in a newsletter a few weeks ago, but I wanted to expand on it a bit.

Use Power Words to inspire new content or as journaling prompts

Build your own Power Words Library

First Steps:

  1. Review 3 pieces of content you’ve either written or read in the past week.
  2. Highlight words or concepts that jump out at you as you review the content.
  3. Write these words down on a separate piece of paper or e-note.
  4. Now from your list, pick 10 words or concepts that draw your attention from those pieces of content. (This can be an intuitive exercise, or you can simply pick 10 words)
  5. Write out one sentence for each of your 10 words. Doing this will help you refine a bit more clearly why those words were important for you.
  6. Now, using a process of elimination, begin to pick your top 3 words/concepts. I leave that process up to you, but here’s one way you could do it:
    1. Compare two words side by side and pick the one that ‘calls’ to you more strongly.
    2. Move down the list of words comparing side by side, until you have your final 3 words.
  7. Write down your 3 power words somewhere you will see them every day. You may want to combine them in a few sentences, or you may just want to admire them for their own meaning.
  8. Repeat this exercise as often as you wish – you could do it monthly, quarterly, once a year, or simply when the mood strikes!

Your power words are now a part of your current framework!

Use them to inspire new content or as journaling prompts. As you become more practised, you may want to keep a running list of possible power words so that when you do sit down and pick new ones, you’ve got a ready-made pool for selection.

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Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach