Three ways to let your natural personality shine when you speak.

One of my nicknames as a child was “Chatty Kathy”. I always had a lot to say and was quite open about saying it. My mother used to book my music lessons in the last possible slot so that there would be enough time to teach me piano or flute in between my chatter. My lesson still went over-time, and my teachers (and parents) were so patient! Wow!

Thinking back now, I wonder why I felt the need to share and say all that. Little wonder that today I specialize in communication and public speaking! But this brought up the question about communication style – have you ever given any thought to your own style?

Similar to my childhood chattiness, I would consider my communication style open, enthusiastic, and inviting. But how did I come to that?

My speaking and communication style is a natural extension of my personality – but what if you don’t know how to express yourself in a way that is a natural extension of you?

When we are in business for ourselves, it is easy to focus on the nuts and bolts of the business –  website, leads, sales, product, connections, referrals, networking etc., but each of you is in business because you have something bigger you want to share with the world. And that something is an extension of you.

Be confident.

Be generous.

Share stories.

So – as awkward as it may feel to share part of you in public speaking, that is what you have to access to truly connect with your audience. Here are three ways to let your natural personality shine when you speak.

  1. Be confident in your message – this comes with experience, but it also comes by sharing your expertise in a way that isn’t condescending or preachy.
  2. Be generous and open with your expertise – share what you know with others and you will inspire them to take their own actions.
  3. Share poignant and relevant personal stories. The only person who really cares about your life and work is, well, you. So put your experience in a format that is accessible to your audience in the form of a story. You will touch people’s lives and give them a window into your humanity, your passions, and your business.


By sharing appropriate personal experiences that illustrate your points, you create a better connection with your audience. Try it out the next time you are sharing your expertise, whether it is at a networking event or speaking to a room of 500 delegates.

And if you still don’t know which of your stories to choose, or how to be confident in your message, I invite you to find out more about Ready to Speak in Six Weeks, my signature public speaking training program that begins on June 3, 2018. Find out more at

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Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach