Transformation in Paradise.
This was about my own transformation.

This week I’m bringing this to you from the gorgeous location of The Seychelles. It’s a small island nation off the East coast of Africa (North of Mauritius).

Back in June 2017, I planned this week as a transformational week for 8 amazing women who were going to join me for 7 nights and 8 days of connecting with their voice, daily movement classes, finding their inner voice, connecting and sharing it with the world.

I thought I took all the right actions – facebook posts, facebook lives, emails, sales page, website, instagram, networking, talking about it, calling people.

The only challenge? Finding women who were ready and willing to take this leap. It turns out transformation is something we all want, but many of us are terrified of it.

In the process of me trying to fill my retreat, I went through my own transformation. Call it what you want – up-leveling, emotional breakdown, freaky crying, frozen by fear, sick to my stomach, contemplating death over moving forward, whatever – it has been a roller-coaster, no lie.

I have had some fantastic support from friends and family throughout this process. We all need a support network, both in real-life, and through other means (for me some of the best support came from other entrepreneur groups and accountability partners online).

So, here I am, at the retreat, not at all what I envisioned six months ago. But looking back, I can see where my attention to it was diverted. And, I wouldn’t be here, writing these exact words, if my own transformation had been anything different than what it is.

Did I have women interested in attending. Definitely. Did I beat myself for ‘not doing x’ or ‘I didn’t do/write/call/follow-up enough’? I sure did.

Could I have done something different to change this outcome? Maybe. But I accept that. I accept that I am here today because this is where I need to be. To write my book.

As I type this, I am already 8,000 words into my new “book” book – working title is Inner Voice Outer Success. Stay tuned for more, as I’m hoping to finish the writing part this week. Talk about a transformative process!

Transformation is about the mission we accept and the lessons we choose to integrate so we can move forward. Transformation is not standing still, waiting for something to happen to you. It is YOU making a move towards your own growth, so you can be, do, and have all that you are dreaming of.

So, what do you want? What do you want to transform? Because when you decide, get ready for the ride. But above all, be kind to yourself.

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What does this word mean to you? We’re close to Halloween, so maybe it conjures up images of ghost costumes or the paranormal.

Or maybe for you, this word embodies a “spirited” person – one who has the energy to spare, who is excited by life and brings that excitement to their every-day activities.

What about spirituality? How does this play a role in your life?

If you journal (and if you don’t, I do recommend it), write about what this word means to you. Invite the different ways that spirit can inform the work you do.

Got something to share? Go to my page and leave your thoughts on “Spirit” there. I’d love to hear from you.

Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach