Luxury, Light, Illumination

Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach

In connection with this week’s power word, “luxury”, I want you to consider how you can use your mind to explore luxury. What do you consider luxurious?

Plush sofas? An all-expenses paid trip to somewhere exotic? A beautiful 5-Star hotel? Maybe it’s something as simple as hiring a private yoga teacher or health coach?

Luxury is all relative, and so is light, for that matter. Luxury and Light may not seem to be related, but let’s look a little closer.

In particular, I want to focus on the ‘lux’ part of the word “luxury”. Light. In all its forms.

How do you bring light into your life and mind? We switch on a light and illuminate a room, or home, a car, or, our minds. When we educate ourselves, we enlighten (one would hope) our perspectives, our experiences, and our minds. Education and self-improvement is a luxury.

Share your light.

Light is luxurious. We bask in its glow. Beyond the physical benefits of light and luxury, the mind also wants light and luxury. I find meditation luxurious. It’s such a beautiful way to honour my mind and give it the rest it deserves.

During meditation, I often get my best creative ideas. They just come. I luxuriate in those ideas and day-dream about their coming to life (or to light!).

Just as these ideas are illuminated, by sharing my creations, my message, my world, by being a better person, I bring light to the world.

Words are powerful things and in combination with our mind and our light, words can bring amazing change and luxury to the world.

So, as you move through this next week and weekend, I want you to consider how you bring light to the world, but ALSO how you bring and enjoy luxury in your own life.

Consider the following expressions:

“A luxury I can’t afford.”

“Wow, that’s so luxurious.”

“It’s a necessary luxury.”

“Light up your life.”

Share your light. Luxury is not a bad word. Re-define luxury for your own needs.

Share in the comments below or drop me a line and share with me how you think of Light and Luxury and what lights up your life. 

Love and Light to you!

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