Finding Your Voice.

Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach

Have you ever lost your voice? Did you miss it?

Maybe you’ve been silent or quiet out of fear, or oppression, or some other experience you’re (still) carrying.

In my conversation today with Richa Jain, we discuss a bit about why and how women can lose their voice, and what you can do to claim your voice back again.

For more on my interview with Richa, including some deeply personal stories about regaining the use of the voice, be sure and watch it here.

Your voice carries a part of you, every time you open your mouth to speak, to sing, to communicate. By (re)connecting with our voices, we build deep connections to our soul, our worth, and our message.

“Do I have the courage and knowledge
to express myself with my voice?”

I invite you to reply, write back, and share your answer with me.

We all deserve to have our voices heard. But to speak out, we first have to start that inward conversation and value our voices.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and I invite you to reply to me with any questions you may have about your own voice.

Because it’s not just about the singing or the speaking – it’s about authentic communication that speaks from your very core.

Have a beautiful week!

Best wishes,