Voice, Beauty, Power, and You.

Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach

Voice, Beauty, Power, and You.

Empowered. EmpowHer’d.

It’s International Women’s Day, today. That means you have a voice. The world (whether it chooses to, or not) has given you a platform. It may be one day per year that it’s recognized so widely, but, it’s still available!

It’s up to YOU to take the stage. You can choose to make your voice heard.

But, what does this mean, really? This, “Make your voice heard?”

Is it the rallying cry of feminists and activists? Does it feel ‘not quite right’ to you?

It’s up to YOU to take the stage.
You can choose to make your voice heard.

Maybe it feels awkward and strange because you’ve been told to, “Sit quietly”, or, “Don’t interrupt”, or maybe you’ve just experienced people speaking over you because they are louder, bossier, bitchier, or ‘stronger’ than you are?

On the other hand, maybe you’ve always been the mouthy one…

You have lots to say, but people stop listening because they’ve ‘heard it all before.’

  • Or they don’t value what you say.
  • Or you don’t value what you say.
  • Or it falls on (seemingly) deaf ears.
  • Or you don’t talk at all. (maybe because trauma has wrapped your voice so tightly it can barely escape your body).

The beauty of it is, you DO have a voice. Your voice is important, and no matter what you think, do, feel, don’t say, act.

Why are you waiting to speak up, out, or share your message, your talents, your skills, knowledge, passion, YOU??

Share with me why you’re waiting. I’d love know.

Go on, I’ll wait. You can use the contact form at the bottom of this post, or if you’ve receive this by email, just hit ‘reply’.

International Women’s Day is also about Collaboration.

This past week I collaborated with my friend Richa Jain – she’s a business mentor, single Mum, and all-around fantastic woman.

She invited me and 6 other women to some one-to-one conversations where we discuss all kinds of topics – from beauty to money, transformations from CFO to Energy Healer, and women’s voices and healing.

The conversation series was recorded and will be shared, one per day, starting today. Today’s conversation was with Saule Atentay, former corporate Chief Financial Officer and now an energy healer specializing in balancing masculine and feminine energies for business, health, and clarity.

You can sign up here, for free, and even join in your own conversations in the Facebook Group. We have already over 50 women in there.

I’ll be releasing my video to you when it goes live on Friday. And I’ll send a follow-up to all of you after the 8 days is wrapped up.

But in the meantime, make sure you sign up to receive the videos each day. A small reminder of how much women’s voices and experiences matter.

Each one unique, individual, passionate, and welcoming.

Just like yours. We are waiting to hear from you.