Communicate Creatively

Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach

So, you don’t have a creative bone in your body just because your art teacher told you that your creations were lacking ‘inspiration’ in high school. And maybe you can’t sing along with a song without feeling embarrassed by the sound of your voice. Or you kinda feel like an idiot when someone asks you what your dream work would be…”Ummmmmmmm, professional beach chair tester? How about chocolate taster? Can I just be a Facebook tester?”

If any of these sound familiar, then maybe it’s time to explore creativity on your own terms.

You are creative. In one way or another, you have had to be creative without judgment at some point in your life.
And you are in the right place.

I’m a creative voice & communications coach. I’m here to guide your creative journey, which includes learning and trusting how to grow your creativity with your own voice. Join me and learn to trust your creative impulses.

Part of learning to trust your creative impulses is to learn to listen and to play with them.

How do you learn to trust your creative impulses? How do you learn to listen and to play with these creative impulses?
I’ve created a self-guided Creative Care Kit Half-Day. Book me for a 90-minute deep consultation for just $75 to discover how you can begin to enjoy your creativity.

After our call, you will know that what you have to share with the world is worth sharing and inspiring others. You will have the tools to share and do more to grow yourself, your business, and truly live the life you want to lead 🙂