Do you want to get on stage and speak?

Hi there, I’m Jen Lang.

I use healing techniques (Reiki Master), my ‘magical ears’, and 15 years of experience as a professional singer to support you on a journey of transformational change.

The results include:

  • feeling more confident
  • being more visible
  • attracting your ideal clients, and
  • the ability to share your message with the world.

When we work together, you will learn how to recognize and step through your fear, as well as how to communicate with beautiful confidence; based in an authentic connection with YOUR message.


Private Coaching

You deserve high-touch support as you develop your voice, inside and out. By the time our work together is done you will be a more confident communicator, podcaster, presenter, or social media video poster.
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Online Training

The Ready to Speak in 5-Weeks Program was built with you in mind. It offers my unique comprehensive training, as well as my personalized practical exercises that will help to build your confidence.
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I hold retreats for the modern woman who wants to stand in her confident self-knowledge, needs to trust in her voice and yearns to speak compassionately throughout all relationships in her life.
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Communicate Creatively.

Communicate Creatively Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach So, you don’t have a creative bone in your body just because your art teacher told you that your creations were lacking ‘inspiration’ in high school. And maybe you can’t sing along with a song without...

How do I sound?

How do I sound? Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach Do you ever listen to your voice on playback? Not easy, is it? Kind of awkward feeling. As if it’s not really YOU. But it is you. And it’s some of the most valuable information you could possible have,...

Your Voice. Your Breath.

Your Voice. Your Breath. Jen Lang, Voice and Communications Coach Do you ever think about breath? About your breathing? I bet you are right now, just because you’re reading these words. Go on, breathe in, breathe out. Now let your breath BE. Blow all the air out of...

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