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Fun and Joy

What are you waiting for? Who doesn’t like to have fun? Well, only when what we have to do isn’t, well, fun…. Recently one of my singing students confessed that she didn’t like to practice because it wasn’t “fun”. I then asked her if she had fun while singing. “Yes.”...

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Showing up Pro

We are not always going to feel like going on stage or showing up. The last two weeks have had some ups and downs. Life is full of phases and cycles, and this week was it’s own mini phase and cycle of ebb and flow.  So, when we have to show up for our business and...

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Words that keep you small

Eliminate the language that keeps you small. Then you're free to grow. Do you play down your experiences because that’s what you think people expect of you? There has been lots of news media lately about women being in awkward, abusive positions, placed there by men,...

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Transformation in Paradise

Transformation in Paradise. This was about my own transformation. This week I’m bringing this to you from the gorgeous location of The Seychelles. It’s a small island nation off the East coast of Africa (North of Mauritius). Back in June 2017, I planned this week as a...

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Use Your Voice

What are you waiting for? When was the last time you really thought about your voice? It may have been when you were fighting that cold and sounded like Janis Joplin after a night of, well, cigarettes, booze, and other indulgences. The truth is, like most of our body,...

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Vision - What Inspires You? What is your vision? Do you even have one? Or are you so busy doing things every day that you haven’t even thought about a vision, let alone know how make one happen for yourself? "Vision" is a beautiful word. There is so much potential in...

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